The secret of
getting ahead
is getting started.


Our story begins with a two-man firm founded in Sacramento, CA, nearly 20 years ago, when the founders, Alex and Chuck, embarked on their consulting journey. But like many ventures, they eventually arrived at a crossroads: Transform their own firm to stay ahead of the curve, or carry on? They chose the more challenging path.


Transformation is complex—undeniably so—for both our clients and us.

But to make transformative changes for our clients, we had to change too. And so, we did. We brought in a dynamic leadership team of former Big 4 Executives, determined to disrupt the traditional consulting model that values capability over capacity. Our mission is clear: Unlock our clients' untapped potential through future-friendly business and digital transformation services.

To do it, we implemented an agile talent model that prizes skill over size and fosters an innovative mindset while embracing today's and tomorrow's tech. Then we turned our attention to the 11:59 Experience—building business and digital transformation practice areas that work in concert to offset technology's disruptive impact on business. Finally, 11:59 Labs lets us stay on top of the latest technology, exploring how tech can spur innovation.

Rethink Digital
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the minute before a new day

A pivotal moment with boundless potential. We are committed to being a catalyst for positive change at a transformative time in our client’s journey.

AI will not replace you. A person using AI will.

Although the unknown can be intimidating, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not only demonstrated its worth but surpassed expectations. The organizations that embrace it will thrive, while those that don’t will surely become obsolete. Applying mature, proven tech combined with expert resources to get the work done will help you succeed. Don’t get left behind.

11:59 Labs
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