GenAI is real.
GenAI is ready.

The research is undeniable: GenAI is poised to become a game changer for businesses ready to embrace it. From ideation to reality, we address your challenges, focusing on how GenAI can be applied to improve existing processes, enhance customer experiences, transform your existing business, and pursue new initiatives.

Start your GenAI journey today

ChatGPT and other conversational AI technologies have transformed individuals’ experiences in a remarkably short time. We aim to extend this transformative power to businesses.  That’s why we developed the GenAI Accelerator Program for Business.  

The program supports clients at any stage of their GenAI journey. It brings together the expertise, tools, and infrastructure needed to build GenAI solutions while mitigating the associated risks rapidly. Emphasizing quick experimentation and learning from small failures, the program adopts a startup mindset to iterate and develop a minimum viable product quickly. This approach ensures an easy on-ramp to experimentation through Zero In, 11:59’s GenAI Accelerator platform. 

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Zeroing In on Generative AI

With the Zero In GenAI Accelerator framework, we are able to develop custom solutions in significantly less time—and at lower cost—than traditional consulting engagements. Leveraging pre-built services like semantic and graph knowledge search, we do the heavy lifting, assembling the components best suited to your project and customizing them to meet your needs. Zero In can quickly address complex business challenges while improving efficiency, cutting costs, and delivering impactful results.

Don’t know where to start?

Take one, two, or all three of our GenAI workshops designed to help you start your GenAI journeyfrom covering key GenAI concepts to developing use case requirements to building a proof-of-concept. 

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Seeking Tailored AI Solutions?

Explore our AI-as-a-Service option, providing personalized AI technology services to meet your unique requirements. Services include:

  • Developing GenAI-powered agents to bolster your workforce
  • Expanding your existing IT application capabilities through our AI API services
  • Building new custom AI-driven applications
  • Modernizing or refactoring your legacy AI solutions
  • Strengthening your resources and solutions with guidance from our experts
  • Our team has expertise across the AI domain, including GenAI, NLP, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and more.
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