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Accelerate innovation, scale business services and improve your operational agility.

Our Designations

11:59 and AWS

A Unique Partnership

We distinguish ourselves through a collaborative approach with AWS, leveraging advanced accelerators and methodologies meticulously crafted to expedite project timelines and optimize outcomes.

Broad Experience and Trailblazing Talent: With over 20% of our organization certified in AWS, our expertise is acknowledged across industries, showcasing our dedication to innovation and excellence.

Continuous Innovation: Our dedication to staying ahead ensures consistent delivery of forward-thinking solutions.

Technical Expertise: Backed by a team of certified cloud specialists, we deliver resilient and scalable AWS solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements.

On the Horizon

The Innovation Workshop Series

Unlock your potential with our Innovation Workshop Series! These workshops are for professionals looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, providing an immersive experience into the latest in artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Join us to explore cutting-edge technologies, collaborate with industry leaders, and transform your ideas into impactful solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, our workshops offer valuable learning opportunities tailored to your needs. Don’t miss out on the chance to innovate and excel with 11:59!

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Fluent in AWS

11:59 brings two decades of collective experience in partnership with AWS, ensuring deep expertise and a track record of proven success.

AWS Well-Architected Partner

Leveraging AWS best practices to optimize your cloud architecture for performance, security, and cost-efficiency.


Fortifying your AWS environment with top-tier security measures to protect your data and applications.

App Development

Crafting scalable, high-performance applications tailored to your business needs using AWS services.

Data Analytics

Unlocking insights and driving decisions with robust data analytics solutions on AWS.

AI/ML and GenAI

Harnessing the power of AI/ML and GenAI to innovate and transform your business processes.

Cloud Adoption

Guiding your seamless transition to the cloud with proven AWS methodologies and expertise.

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