11:59 AWS cloud partnership

11:59 is a certified Amazon Web Services partner, giving us access to unsurpassed technology that epitomizes scalable, secure, and innovative cloud solutions. With AWS by our side, we offer cloud-native solutions that transform the way you work with optimized practices. Whether you need to migrate to the cloud, develop cloud-native applications, or optimize your existing cloud infrastructure, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

our digital super powers

We apply the 'art of the possible' to unlock our clients' true potential. From cloud migrations to intelligent automation (and everything in-between), we are committed to helping you get where your company needs to go to stay competitive in your industry.

our cloud capabilities

unlocking our clients' potential since 2003

The 11:59 team has modernized applications, databases, and delivered hundreds of modern application projects for our clients. Sample case studies are highlighted below, and we’d love to tell you more!

generative AI

Using GenAI Large Language Models (LLM) in AWS, indexed millions of legacy documents for natural language citizen search.


Implemented 10+ business processes in RPA which saves thousands of staff hours.

custom app development

Built a custom cloud-based application that tracks ballast water management for arriving vessels

cloud migration

Migrated 10+ business critical applications and databases from a data center to AWS in under 30 days with zero down time.

app modernization

Modernized five public health custom applications within the cloud that track vaccines, patients, providers, and medical data.

data analytics

Built cloud-based datalake to ingest and make available third party data for enterprise applications

cognitive AI

Processed millions of student recommendation and essay documents with an AWS-based cognitive AI intelligent document processing pipeline to derive actionable insights

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