we make the possible real.

The "art of the possible" is not a catchy marketing phrase we came up with. It is the core of everything we do. It's delivering on how technology should work for you. We don't just theorize; we actualize. Anyone can claim that AI can fundamentally change how you do business, but we will tell you how and provide the resources to get the job done.

There is a lot of noise out there talking about the future of business with GenAI, so we don’t spend much time discussing what GenAI can do–we apply it.

We emphasize practical solutions over theoretical discussions. We have the resources, skill set, and infrastructure to support you as the AI landscape evolves today and into the future.

We know that GenAI is ready for business.

Applied AI

We are serious about the future of tech.

11:59 Labs is where we explore how to apply technology to change a business, an industry, or the world. We evaluate how tech can spur innovation in all ways.

Today, we are investigating Web3’s influence on new concepts of individual data ownership and how it will impact the healthcare industry. From AI to Web3 to the latest trends that will unfold–we are ready and equipped to leverage emerging tech to transform your business.

11:59 Labs

We embrace today's possibilities, so your organization can confidently be ready for tomorrow.

Transformation is complex. Especially now. How can you keep up with navigating applied AI, staying ahead of the Web3 revolution’s decentralizing effects, and exploring the immersive world of the Metaverse?

Anyone can talk about modern tech, but when it comes down to the actual transformation engagement, it’s the same old advice —use outdated tech that is deemed “mature” but is well past its prime. How will ten-year-old tech get you where you need to go? It won’t.

rethink digital


business and digital transformation

Too often, implementing tech is the primary focus of a transformation initiative–its disruptive impact on business is not. Instead, business disruptions are addressed as an afterthought, and triaged with simple change management. The core competencies and processes of a disrupted organization deserve the same attention as the technology implementation.


In all cases, our team will look for ways to level up your business and transform the way you operate. Future-friendly is what we do.