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The emerging tech landscape is in constant flux, poorly understood, and early in the adoption lifecycle. It’s easy to get lost in this ever-evolving environment. We help you cut through the noise and determine if or where you should invest in technology.

We are serious about the future of tech.

We are equally serious about helping you realize the value the right emerging technology can unlock within your organization. We constantly seek new technologies that show promise and spur innovation.

From intelligent agents powered by AI and ML to decentralized computing solutions leveraging blockchain and Web3 and cutting-edge advancements in spatial computing, including AR and VR, our expert team explores how tech works in theory and practice. We develop hands-on technical models, build tools, and implement pilot projects to help you stay ahead of the curve.


Let’s look at Web3, for example. It’s been around for almost a decade but has seen limited use outside digital currency transactions. Recently, digital asset ownership and trading use cases have taken hold in the gaming and retail industry. Still, there is so much more that Web3 will make possible in the coming years–it will have a powerful effect on all aspects of society and, in turn, will disrupt most organizations and businesses.


WHY 11:59 LABS?

We don't just talk about what's possible. We make it real.

We show you how new tech can shape the future, thus improving your business, industry, and even the world.